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Frequently Asked Questions on CCSSM Annual Fee

Q. When did the Consumers Cooperative Society of Santa Monica adopt an annual $10 fee?

A. At the February 2008 Annual Membership Meeting, members approved an amendment to the Co-Op Bylaws establishing a $10 Annual Membership Fee. Effective February 2, 2008, all those who became/become members of record after February 1, 2000 must pay an Annual Membership Fee of $10 in order to remain active in the Co-Op.

Q. What happens if the fee is not paid?

A. Failure to pay the $10 annual renewal fee will result in expiration of Co-Op membership.

Q. How does the annual renewal fee work?

A. Each year the Co-Op will mail members an invoice to renew their membership. If a member does not wish to renew his or her membership, they simply do nothing and their membership in the Co-Op will expire. Membership in Kinecta will not be affected. If members wish to renew their membership in the Co-Op, they must mail the $10 payment along with the invoice to the address provided.

Q. What is this fee used for?

A. The Co-Op is a non-profit organization. The membership fee helps raise funds to support the organization and our programs, give scholarships to deserving students, and make gifts to non-partisan charitable organizations. See our Contributions page for more information on how funds are distributed.

Q. Is this fee in any way associated with membership in Kinecta Federal Credit Union?

A. No. The fee is only required to maintain membership in the Co-Op. There is no annual membership renewal fee for the Credit Union. Once you become a member of Kinecta, you are a member for life.


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